A Museum for an Imagined City, SOIL, Seattle, USA, 2015


One 1963 Seattle telephone directory, a woman (Jenise Silva) and a marker pen


The performance includes a 1963 Seattle telephone directory (White/Yellow pages) and a performer in office wear - white shirt, tie, black or grey suit - they systematically work their way, alphabetically, through the directory calling home phone numbers asking for the person named in the book, in a call centre manner. They will have a few set questions to gain the most important information, is the named person alive or dead? Once the data has been collected the performer will us a black marker pen to black out those that are living leaving the numbers of those dead, if the call was inconclusive - the call rings out or the person answering the phone does not know of the listed persons status - they will be listed as dead.

 “Data entry, collection, computers and stuff can be sensual, it does have a romance, it can be sexy. All these people apart, yet connected, we’re giving these faceless people immortality - tour Washington”